Congregants want to be protected.

Finding and retaining passionate, reliable volunteers is a difficult task. They are the face of your organization just as must as paid staff.

When it comes to representing your mission and values to the community, you need the added trust and security of knowing your volunteers have been screened.

Improper screening of volunteers can lead to:

Holes from missing data for criminals to go unnoticed.

Greater risk for children, staff, congregants, and finances.

Loss of trust in your ministry if something happens.

Legal action against you if someone abuses their position.

Compromised integrity of the entire ministry.

Nonprofit organizations can be held legally accountable for actions taken by volunteers. Performing better, more comprehensive background check screenings, such as criminal history and drug testing, can reduce liability and mitigate risk.


Safety is Critical

Consider the roles and tasks that volunteers take at your organization. Are they:

Making deliveries?

Interacting with children or the elderly?

Handling cash or collecting donations?

For all these reasons and more, knowing the background and history of volunteers and staff is critical.

Requesting background screenings for volunteers will provide you security in knowing your volunteers are fit to perform their duties and interact with your community.


The Trust of Your Community

Organizations that perform background checks send a strong message to their community: we care about protecting you.

One of the most important factors parents face when choosing a church is the safety and happiness of their children.

Be assured that your background checks are doing more than providing parents and community members with peace of mind. Guarantee that they are as strong as can be to shield the families in your church.

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