A poor hire or unfit volunteer can cost your church time, money, and irreversible damage to its reputation in the community. A properly conducted background screening shields your core assets.

What are your core assets?


People entrust personal and highly sensitive information to the churches they are part of. If your team frequently interacts with members, there’s an even greater need to ensure that your staff is trustworthy.

Physical Property

Each year, billions of dollars worth of inventory is lost due to employee theft. Background screenings will allow you to reduce the possibility of theft in the workplace.


Because churchgoers have many options available to them, your reputation provides an essential way for them to immediately connect with your church. If your brand is damaged by an avoidable mishap, it will affect your reputation, which will ultimately affect your effectiveness.

Is your church vulnerable?

Because these assets could be negatively impacted by a poor hire or an errant volunteer, the importance of background checks are universally recognized.

Ministry Shield recognizes how the quality of our efforts shields your church’s employees, volunteers, members, physical assets, and reputation. We can help provide the right tools to protect your core assets.


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