The Church shines a light in a world where darkness lurks in the most unseemly places. People trust the church leadership to maintain the integrity of that light so their spiritual formation, community relationships, and ministry pursuits can be conducted in a safe and secure environment.

Save time and effort with cost-effective background checks. Know your ministry’s work is being done right by people you can really trust.

Reduce hiring mistakes before it’s too late by providing a safe work environment for your staff to do their jobs and care for others.

To ensure a thorough vetting of a candidate, a background screening should include the following tools:

Social Security Address Trace

Nationwide Sex Offender Registry

Nationwide Criminal Database

Federal Criminal Records

Reduce time to hire.

The Impact

When calculating the impact this makes in the American workforce, a study from the Center for American Progress revealed the average costs to fill an open position, which varies by salary:

  • 16%

    of annual salary for jobs
    earning under $30,000 a year

  • 20%

    of annual salary for midrange
    positions earning between
    $30,000 to $50,000 annually

  • Up to


    of annual salary for advanced
    executive positions

The Value

Because the cost of unfilled positions is substantial, it’s valuable for churches to focus on improving the speed of their hiring process. Although churches have many factors that influence their time to hire, one factor is universal - the speed that a candidate can be vetted for an open position. An efficient background screening process can reduce hiring bottlenecks, freeing up time and resources for other initiatives.

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