Better Background Checks Matter Because...

Shortcuts in research or missing data is no longer acceptable. Your staff and volunteers need to be verified. Then you can be confident that you’re making the best decision in protecting your ministry. Ministry Shield’s leading background check process verifies information in worldwide screening databases, including:

Know the screening for key roles in your church is done right and that the results are compliant with federal and local background screening laws.

By using this better background check service, you’ll now be able to:

Track the date background checks were processed.

Send background check requests to volunteers and applicants to complete so you never need to ask for a Social Security Number.

Receive reminders to process renewals on your own schedule.

Easily identify flagged reports to make the reviewing and hiring process faster.

Enter your own preferences so the background checks due will be shown for renewal.

Background checks are a critical way to evaluate candidates as you seek the best people to fill open positions. A poor hire could cost your church time, money, and irreversible damage to its reputation in the community. A properly conducted background screening protects your core assets.

Don’t wait until something bad happens to start shielding the people you care about the right way. Make a choice for better background checks and start shielding your ministry today.

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